Microsoft beta testing "Whole Residence Poker" on Xbox Reside

Microsoft may of canned 1 VS 100 trapped on tape but for many people that they have abandoned live episodic games on Xbox Live yet. Instead seems like they are creating a second go and are also now beta testing a different game show, Full House Poker, which features a method of Hold'em called Texas Heat.
Avatars will likely be used to represent players shared and will have unique tell signs. There will be new accessories for the avatar to sport also. (Maybe a Full Tilt hat?)
Players play for experience points and chips website in addition to their overall progress and bankroll will likely be saved between sessions. Full House Poker can even feature a leaderboard so you're able to compare your card shark skills for your buddies.
I think it will be a great incentive in the event you could win MS Points or XBLA games as prizes for going thus far in the tournament, but that is just me wishful thinking...
No word on when exactly Full House Poker is arriving out yet, but I would not be surprised to determine it out by next Summer.

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